How Living With AI Can Improve Your Daily Life

(BPT) – These days, AI — artificial intelligence — has become a household name, mostly because so many household gadgets and appliances use it.

What’s the impact of AI becoming part of your everyday life? Ultimately, it’s about convenience. Many tasks are getting easier, products are more efficient and AI is enhancing daily lives in unexpected ways.

Here are some recent AI advances that may be improving your life.

Appliances that can think and learn

You may not have expected laundry machines to be among the major appliances to use AI, but it’s true — the latest innovations in washers and dryers allow consumers more freedom in controlling their machines and help those machines apply more precision in how they handle different types of clothing.

For example, LG Electronics introduced an AI-powered TurboWash 360 Front-Load Washer/Dryer Pair. The Ultra Large-Capacity washer assesses fabric type, weight, and softness to choose the best washing motions for a superb clean. The advanced spinning algorithm measures load size to minimize vibrations, noise, and spin time. LG’s user-friendly ezDispense feature takes the guesswork out of detergent dosage by automatically adding the exact amount of detergent and fabric softener needed for each load.

Because the washer and dryer both utilize AI to learn from usage patterns over time, settings continually optimize for the best results. The machines are also Wi-Fi connected, so you can control the units or monitor cycle times remotely using ThinQ-enabled smartphones or voice commands via Amazon Alexa. When the washer is synced with your Amazon account, it can reorder detergent before you run out.

Enhanced entertainment platforms

Just a few years ago, TVs couldn’t perform half the functions they can today. Using ThinQ AI and powered by the α (Alpha) 9 Gen 3 AI processor, the latest LG OLED TVs bring a picture and sound quality to a whole new level — and are used for much more than watching shows.

These TVs apply a deep learning algorithm to recognize content source quality, then determine the best method for optimal picture quality among four genres: movie, sports, standard, and animation. The new processor finely adjusts the picture, taking into account the room’s ambient conditions to offer the best levels of screen brightness and contrast, using its understanding of how the human eye perceives images. What’s more, the processor’s AI Picture Pro is capable of recognizing faces and text on screen, fine-tuning and sharpening each to produce more natural skin tones, well-defined facial features, and clearer, more readable characters.

Even sound is enhanced by the intelligent algorithm, which can mix two-channel audio to deliver convincing surround sound. Thanks to LG’s AI Sound Pro, LG OLED TVs analyze and classify the audio content among five categories — music, movies, sports, drama, or news — for clearer voices and richer, more textured background sound.

The latest lineup of TVs also matches perfectly with LG’s stylish 2020 soundbars, which are future-proofed to help you create seamless visual harmony in any room. These advanced models are self-calibrating, able to recognize and analyze tones to accurately assess the dimensions of a given space and adjust accordingly.

With ThinQ and a built-in connection to Google Assistant and Alexa Amazon, you can use your TV to control other compatible devices and appliances, search the web — and even order pizza without pausing the movie you’re watching!

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Advanced mobile communication

What could be better than experiencing LG OLED TV technology in your home? How about holding it in your hand?

Using LG’s latest LG V50 ThinQ 5G smartphone, you can enjoy LG OLED quality display on demand, with striking clarity and vibrant color.

The ability to communicate, record, and enjoy pictures and videos, plus live streaming shows and movies on the go has reached new levels of speed and quality, especially with the revolutionary new 5G connectivity.

You can also use its five cameras to create and share high-quality content. With three rear cameras and two front cameras, you can capture truly original selfies, pictures, and videos with rich detail.

Artificial intelligence may still sound like science fiction, but the truth is, everyone is using it more and more each day. AI technology is helping people perform tasks and enhancing everyday life in so many ways — and there’s no telling what the future may bring.