The Nintendo Wii Controller Has Changed the Way Video Games Are Played

Video game consoles are everywhere these days. After years of manufacturers trying to outdo each other with better graphics, cleaner sounds, and more realistic gameplay, we continue to see an arms race between companies like Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo. Today, Microsoft’s Xbox and Sony’s PlayStation lead the pack in the battle for the most powerful game platform, but Nintendo has decided to take a different turn. With the introduction of Nintendo’s Wii console, there has been a paradigm shift in the way people view video games. More central to that shift is the way people play video games, and at the heart of that shift is the Nintendo Wii Controller.

The Nintendo Wii controller is a revolutionary new way to play video games. Gone are the buttons and joysticks that have been a mainstay of gaming since its inception. In their place is the Nintendo Wii controller and it is unlike anything ever seen. Looking more like a television remote control than a video game component, the Nintendo Wii controller uses infrared signals to detect motion in all directions. This allows players to have an interactive gaming experience where the motion of the controller is mimicked by motions on the screen. Imagine a golf video game where your actual swings dictate the quality of the shot; that is what the Nintendo Wii controller delivers!

The Nintendo Wii controller that comes with the Wii system is not the only controller for the Wii. The Wii Nunchuk attaches to the Nintendo Wii Controller via a cable and has the same motion-sensing capabilities that make the Wii unique. This additional controller provides additional capabilities for the player to utilize in certain games.

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Fans of the Nintendo GameCube should rest comfortably knowing that their games are not only compatible with the Nintendo Wii console, but their GameCube controller is as well. GameCube games are not made obsolete by the Wii, but instead are an enhancement that allows players to enjoy traditional gameplay while also having the ability to play the motion-sensitive games that have made the Wii such a smashing success.

Coming soon is the Wii Zapper; a gun-like case that houses the Wii remote and allows interactive, point-and-shoot gaming which is perfect for the shooting games that are so popular today. More innovations are sure to come as the Nintendo Wii controller technology offers a platform that is ideal for innovation and creativity.